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Academic SeminarBlinded by Success: Unethical Behavior, Guilt, and Future Unethical Behavior

  • Date
  • 2019-03-20 ~ 2019-03-20
  • Time
  • 12:00 ~ 13:00
  • Place
  • Building 9, 7th #9705
  • Department
  • School of Management Engineering
  • Major
  • Technology/Organization/Strategy
We would like to invite you to participate in Management Engineering(ME) Seminar.

1. When: March 20th (Wednesday), 12:00 ~ 13:00
2. Where: Building 9, 7th #9705
3. Speaker: Prof. KiYoung Lee (Yeonsei University)
4. Topic: Blinded by Success: Unethical Behavior, Guilt, and Future Unethical Behavior
5. Research field: Technology, Organization, and Strategy
* Lecture will be delivered in Korean.
* Seminar materials will be provided in the class.

We examine the complex relationships among unethical behavior, guilt, and success. We argue that guilt may not be a natural outcome of unethical behavior and guilt may fail to effectively regulate future unethical behavior. Specifically, we propose that (1) individuals feel less guilty about behaving unethically when they achieve success and (2) guilt has limited power in deterring subsequent unethical behavior for those low in self-efficacy. Study 1, a lab study of student teams competing for money, supports the prediction that individuals who cheat to win feel less guilt when they do well in competition. Study 2, a multi-wave field study of individuals seeking internships and jobs, replicates the results of Study 1, and also supports for the prediction that guilt does not always deter individuals from acting unethically, especially when they lack confidence in their ability to succeed. Our studies suggest that a contextual view is required to understand the complexities of guilt and its relationship with unethical behavior.
Keywords: guilt, moral emotion, unethical behavior, success, self-efficacy
Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )

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