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Event2019 Autumn Festival KAISTIVAL

  • Date
  • 2019-11-06
  • Time
  • 15:00 ~ 22:00
  • Place
  • Atrium
  • Department

On 11/6 15:00~22:00, your dearly Student Council invites you to… KAISTIVAL!

KAISTVAL, as our LAST student festival taking place at KAIST this semester, will begin with mini-games you can participate as a team or an individual such as Cooking, E-sports(Starcraft), Masked Singer, Telestration Game. Then it will be followed with Main Event contents in Atrium such as Magic Show, Networking Jukebox band concert.

Cooking Competition (2~3 people per team, registration ends 11/1 23:59)

Time: 12:00~16:00

Place: Atrium

Contents: From 12:00pm onwards, cooking will begin, and 40~50 portions of food will be prepared by each team (in small quantities), and will be judged by students. (stickers on whiteboard)

Register: https://forms.gle/j9HGhBNs5NF8Wrfs7

E-sports Competition (3 people per team, registration ends 11/1 23:59 )

*3 players per team, Four teams are scheduled to do a semi-finals/finals at the Atrium.
Time: 4pm~6pm
Place: Atrium
E-Sports Game: StarCraft (3 players, 1 team/Same major)
*If more than 4 teams are applied, the preliminary round will be held for the semi-final.

Register: https://forms.gle/SbrvPZzG1m1ixqfGA

KAISTIVAL Dinner & Networking (registration ends 11/1 23:59)
Time: 6pm~10pm
Place: Atrium
 6:00pm to 7:00pm KAISTIVAL Opening and Dinner
 8:30pm~9:20pm Networking with Telestration Games
**Please make sure to apply in advance for dinner! We'll give special souvenirs to all those who participate in festival. Also, there will be a raffle after telestration game, so please keep your seat until the end!

Register: https://forms.gle/sS9wXEcWv69ivmH47

Singing Contest (1 person per team, registration ends 11/1 23:59)
Time: 7:30pm~8:30pm
Place: Atrium

Content: Choose one song you want to sing. There would be a singing contest with mask on so “no one” knows who the singer is!

Commodity: First prize is AirPods and other participants are given Shinsegae gift cards also.

Register: https://forms.gle/Fr48QC3kChA1iTrh9


Special souvenirs will be given to all those who participate in the day's festival. Plus, there will be a raffle after the telestration game, so please keep your seat until the end!

Please pay a lot of attention to KAIST IVAL. Thank you!



Hun Min Ahn & Seo Yeon Yoon

Contact : Lee, Jisun ( jisunlee@kaist.ac.kr )