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KCB is a highly respected graduate school working towards the common goal of developing a world renowned technology-based management school.

KAIST College of Business is located on a forested slope in the northeastern part of Seoul, about 100 miles from the main campus of KAIST. The KAIST College of Business campus is at the heart of a major academic area that hosts four universities and five research institutes. The modern facilities, attractive campus and dynamic urban location make for a unique, high-quality learning environment.

Seoul reflects the economic dynamism of Northeast Asia and allows students and faculty to maintain both a global perspective and a Korea base. In addition, our location in the heart of Korea’s business and political capital fosters close relationship with a large number of companies and government organizations. KAIST College of Business students have numerous opportunities to meet and interact with prominent business leaders.

Student Enrollment

*International full time students are admitted to marked programs.

Techno MBA

Finance MBA

Student Profile of MBA/MS

BS Major


Work Experience

Total Student Enrollment

Total Student Enrollment Total Student Enrollment
Degree Program Total
Total 1,134
Undergraduate Business and Technology Management 30
Masters/Ph.D. Management Engineering 191
Business and Technology Management 80
Innovation and Technology Management 82
Global Information and Telecommunication Technology Program 35
MBAs Techno MBA* 99
Professional MBA 179
Social Entrepreneurship MBA 38
Finance MBA* 104
Information & Media MBA (1-year program) 29
Executive MBA 62
Specialist Masters Master of Financial Engineering 100
MS in Information Management 71
MS in Green Business and Policy 34

* This number does not include students who are taking a leave of absence.
* Full-time international students are admitted to the marked programs.

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