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Oh,  Frederick Dongchuhl Associate Professor 사진
Oh, Frederick Dongchuhl Associate Professor
Contact Information
  • Office.S573
  • Tel.82-2-958-3416
  • E-mail.dcoh415@kaist.ac.kr
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Research Areas Finance


    Ph.D. (Finance), Washington University in St. Louis, May 2011.
    M.S. (Finance), University of Rochester, June 2006.
    M.S. (Finance), Korea University, Aug. 2005.
    B.B.A. (Major: Business, Minor: Economics), Korea University, Feb. 2001.


    Associate Professor of Finance (with tenure), KAIST, Sept. 2017+.
    Visiting Scholar of Economics, Korea University, Sept. 2016 - Aug. 2017.
    Assistant Professor of Finance, KAIST, Aug. 2012 - Aug. 2017.
    Economist, The Bank of Korea, July 2011 - July 2012.
    Public Interest Service Personnel, Jongno-Gu Office, May 2001 - Sept. 2003. (substitute for military service in Korea)
Publications & Research

Publications (patents, etc.)

    Oh, F. D., "Contagion of a Liquidity Crisis Between Two Firms," Journal of Financial Economics, 107(2), 386-400, 2013.

    Oh, F. D. and H. Lim, "Recent Theories Regarding Financial Contagion," Economic Analysis, 19(3), 111-140, 2013. (In Korean.)

    Oh, F. D., "Assessing Competitive Conditions in Korea's Credit Rating Industry after the 1997 Financial Crisis," Economics Bulletin, 34(2), 1114-1121, 2014.

    Oh, F. D. and H. Lim, "Understanding Currency Crises and Their Contagion," Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics, 25(3), 30-62, 2014. (In Korean.)

    Bereskin, F. L., B. Kim, and F. D. Oh, "Do Credit Rating Concerns Lead to Better Corporate Governance? Evidence from Korea," Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 35(PB), 592-608, 2015.

    Oh, F. D. and S. Baek, "Unique Equilibrium in a Model of Takeovers Involving Block Trades and Tender Offers," Finance Research Letters, 15(C), 208-214, 2015.

    Oh, F. D. and K. S. Park, "Corporate Governance Structure and Product Market Competition," Applied Economics, 48(14), 1281-1292, 2016.

    Lim, H. and F. D. Oh, "The Effectiveness of Liquidity Provision during Debt Crises: Evidence from Korean Firm-Level Data," Financial Stability Studies, 17(1), 1-37, 2016. (In Korean.)

    Joe, D. Y and F. D. Oh, "Did Foreign Ownership of Korean Credit Rating Agencies Improve Their Ratings?" Contemporary Economic Policy, 35(1), 193-200, 2017.

    Oh, F. D. and J. Park, "Credit Ratings and Corporate Disclosure Behavior: Evidence from Regulation Fair Disclosure in Korea," Applied Economics, 49(35), 3481-3494, 2017.

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    Joe, D. Y., F. D. Oh, and C. Park, "Control-Ownership Disparity and Stock Market Predictability: Evidence from Korean Chaebols," Finance Research Letters, 27(C), 6-11, 2018.

    Joe, D. Y., D. Jung, and F. D. Oh, "Owner-Managers and Firm Performance during the Asian and Global Financial Crises: Evidence from Korea," Applied Economics, 51(6), 611-623, 2019.

    Oh, F. D. and H. Yoon, "The Role of Chonsei as a Price Protector in the Korean Housing Market," International Economic Journal, 33(1), 27-41, 2019.

    Joe, D. Y., F. D. Oh, and H. Yoo, "Foreign Ownership and Firm Innovation: Evidence from Korea," Global Economic Review, 48(3), 284-302, 2019.

    Oh, F. D. and J. Park, "Potential Competition and Quality Disclosure," Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 28(4), 614-630, 2019.

    Ahn, G., F. D. Oh, and J. Park, "The Efficiency of Financial Holding Companies in Korea," Korean Economic Review, 36(1), 29-58, 2020.

    Lee, H. H. and F. D. Oh, "Corporate Innovation and Credit Default Swap Spreads," Finance Research Letters, forthcoming, 2018.

    Lee, K. and F. D. Oh, "Credit Ratings and Liquidity Crises," International Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming, 2019.

    Oh, F. D. and D. Shin, "Religion and Corporate Disclosure Quality," Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics, forthcoming, 2019.

Research Areas

    Corporate and International Finance, Applied Game Theory, Financial Intermediation, Economics of Religion.

Corporate Valuation [MBA]()

    Mergers and Acquisitions [MBA]()

      Advanced Corporate Finance Theory [PhD]()

        Contact : Joo, Sunhee ( shjoo2006@business.kaist.ac.kr )

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