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Cho,  Daegon Associate Professor 사진
Cho, Daegon Associate Professor
Contact Information
Research Areas IT Strategy and Policy, Economics of Information Security and Privacy
Daegon Cho is an Ewon Associate Professor of Information Systems at KAIST College of Business in South Korea. He received a Ph.D. in information systems and management from Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College. His research topics are business analytics, economics of IT, and applications of AI/ML to businesses. His research appeared at Information Systems Research, Marketing Science, Production and Operations Management, and Journal of the AIS and other journals.


    Ph.D., Information Systems and Management, Carnegie Mellon University
    M.S., Industrial Engineering, Columbia University
    B.A., Business Administration/Economics, Yonsei University


    ㆍKAIST College of Business, Ewon Assistant Professor (2021-present)
    ㆍKAIST College of Business, Assistant Professor (2015-2021)
    ㆍKAIST Bright Internet Research Center, chairman (2016-present)
    ㆍPohang University of Science and Technology, Department of Industrial & Management Engineering, Assistant Professor (2014-2015)
    ㆍSK Telecom, Corporate Strategy Office, Manager 2005~2008
Publications & Research

Publications (patents, etc.)

    ▶ Published and Accepted Papers

    [A01] Will Movie Theaters Survive When Audiences Can Stream New Releases? at Harvard Business Review with Gordon Burtch, Yangfan Liang, and Michael D. Smith (published online on January 15, 2021 ).

    [J25] Ryu, Sunghan, Daegon Cho. (2022). The Show Must Go On? The Entertainment Industry During (and After) COVID-19. Media Culture and Society. forthcoming.

    [J24] Sim,Jaeung, Jaeyeon Kim, Daegon Cho. 2022. Identity and Status: When Counterspeech Increases Hate Speech Reporting and Why. Information Systems Frontiers.

    [J23] Jeon, Chihong, Daegon Cho, Hyo-Youn Chu. 2022. How Much Will You Pay to Use Open Data?: Evidence from the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Public Performance & Management Review. forthcoming

    [J22] Sim, Jaeung, Daegon Cho, Youngdeok Hwang, Rahul Telang. 2022. Virus Shook the Streaming Star: Estimating the COVID-19 Impact on Music Consumption. Marketing Science. forthcoming.

    [J21] Sim, Jaeung, Jea Gon Park, Daegon Cho, Jaemin Jung, Michael D. Smith. 2022. Bestseller Lists and Product Discovery in the Subscription-based Market: Evidence from Music Streaming. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Vol. 194. pp. 550-567.

    [J20] Ju, Jaehyeon, Daegon Cho, Jae Kyu Lee, Jae-Hyeon Ahn. 2021. Can It Clean Up Your Inbox?: Evidence from South Korean Anti-spam Legislation. Production and Operations Management. Vol. 30, No. 8, pp. 2636-2652.

    [J19] Jung, Miyeon, Daegon Cho, Euncheol Shin. 2021. Repairing a Cracked Mirror: The Heterogeneous Effect of Personalized Digital Nudges Driven by Misperception. Production and Operations Management. Vol. 30, No. 8, pp. 2586-2607.

    [J18] Ryu, Sunghan, Kyungmin Choi, Daegon Cho. 2021. A behaviour-based typology of travellers using an online travel marketplace. Current Issues in Tourism, Vol. 24, No. 2, pp. 228-246.

    [J17] Minhyung Lee, Hanbyeol Choi, Daegon Cho, Heeseok Lee. 2020. Can Digital Embrace Physical Consumption? The Effect ect of Online Music Streaming on Record Sales. Decision Support Systems. Vol. 135, 113337.

    [J16] Kyungmin Choi, Sunghan Ryu, Daegon Cho. 2020. A behaviour-based typology of travellers using an online travel marketplace. Current Issues in Tourism. forthcoming.

    [J15] Il Yong Chung, Miyeon Jung, Jong Won Lee, Yu Rang Park, Daegon Cho, (...). 2020. Exercise Promotion and Distress Reduction Using a Mobile App-Based Community in Breast Cancer Survivors. Frontiers in Oncology. 10(9): 1505.

    [J14] Il Yong Chung, Miyeon Jung, Jong Won Lee, Yu Rang Park, Daegon Cho, (...). 2019. An Assessment of Physical Activity Data Collected via a Smartphone App and a Smart Band in Breast Cancer Survivors: Observational Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 21(9): e13463.

    [J13] Miyeon Jung , Daegon Cho, Kwangsoo Shin. 2019. The Impact of Particulate Matter on Outdoor Activity and Mental Health: A Matching Approach. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 16(16): 2983.

    [J12] Jiyong Park, Daegon Cho, Jae Kyu Lee, Byungtae Lee. 2019. Economics of Cybercrime: The Role of Broadband and Socioeconomic Status. ACM Transactions on MIS. 10(4): 13-23.

    [J11] Kyungmin Choi, Sunghan Ryu, Daegon Cho. 2019. When a Loss Turns into a Gain: Di fferential Eff ects of Substitute versus Complementary Loss Leaders in a Multi-Sided Platform. Electronics Market. 29: 681-691.

    [J10] Angela Choi, Daegon Cho, Dobin Yim, Jae Yun Moon,Wonseok Oh. 2019. When Seeing Helps Believing: The Interactive Eff ects of Previews and Reviews on E-Book Purchases," Information Systems Research. 30(4): 1164-1183.

    [J9] Daegon Cho, Seok Ho Lee, Yeawon Yoo, Hyo-Youn Chu. 2019. Television Singing Competitions Create Stars?: An Empirical Evidence from the Digital Music Chart. Journal of Cultural Economics, 43(1): 1-20.

    [J8] Daegon Cho, Youngdeok Hwang, Jongwon Park. 2018. More Buzz, More Vibes: Impact of Social Media on Concert Distribution," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 156: 103-113.

    [J7] Haeyeop Song, Daegon Cho, Jaemin Jung. 2018. Platform Competition in the Video Game Console Industry: Impacts of Software Quality and Exclusivity on Market Share. Journal of Media Economics, 30(3): 99-120.

    [J6] Jae Kyu Lee, Daegon Cho, Gyoo Gun Lim. 2018. A Design Theory of the Bright Internet. Journal of the Association of Information Systems, 19(2): 63-85.

    [J5] Kyungmin Choi, Jongwon Park, Daegon Cho, Hyo-Youn Chu. 2018. The Impact of University Support on the Creation of Student Entrepreneurs: Evidence from South Korea. Entrepreneurship Research Journal, 8(1): 1-14.

    [J4] Daegon Cho, Michael D. Smith, and Rahul Telang. 2017. An Empirical Analysis of the Frequency and Location of Concerts in the Digital Age," Information Economics and Policy, 40:41-47.

    [J3] Hazel K. Kwon, and Daegon Cho. 2017. Swearing E ffects on Citizen-to-Citizen Commenting Online A Large-Scale Exploration of Political Versus Nonpolitical Online News Sites. Social Science Computer Review 35(1): 84-102.

    [J2] Daegon Cho, Michael D. Smith, and Alejandro Zentner. 2016. Internet adoption and the survival of print newspapers: A country-level examination. Information Economics & Policy 37:13-19.

    [J1] Daegon Cho, and Hazel K. Kwon. 2015. \The impacts of identity verification cation and disclosure of social cues on framing in online user comments," Computers in Human Behavior 51: 363-372.

    ▶ Selected Papers under R&R or Review

    1. Park, Jiyong, Jongho Kim, Daegon Cho. Pitching with Style: The Role of Entrepreneur’s Speech in Crowdfunding Success. under third round review at MIS Quarterly.

    2. Jung, Miyeon, Sunghan Ryu, Daegon Cho. Ambivalent Effects of Mobile Push Notification Timing on Product Reviews: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment. under second round review at Journal of Marketing.

    3. Sim, Jaeung Sim, Kyungmin Choi, Daegon Cho, Sangpil Han. In- Consumption Information Cues and Digital Content Demand: Evidence from a Live- Streaming Platform second-round revision invited MIS Quarterly.

    4. Liang, Yangfan, Gordon Burtch, Daegon Cho, Michael D. Smith. The Impact of Early Digital Movie Releases on Box Office Revenue: Evidence from the Korean Market. under second-round review at MIS Quarterly.

    5. Sim, Jaeung, Junyeong Lee, Daegon Cho. On the Effectiveness of Smart Metering Technology Adoption: Evidence from the National Rollout in the United Kingdom. under minor revision at Journal of the Association of Information Systems.

    6. Cho, Daegon, Pedro Ferreira, Rahul Telang. The Impact of Mobile Number Portability on Price and Consumer Welfare. revision invited at Journal of Industrial Economics.

Research Areas

    Economics of IT, People Analytics, Digital Media and Content, Applications of AI/ML

Advanced Business Analytics (MBA)(IM694)

    Business Analytics and Data Mining (MS)(MIM532)

      Advanced Business Analytics (MBA)(IM694)

        Business Analytics and Data Mining (MS)(MIM532)

          Contact : Joo, Sunhee ( shjoo2006@business.kaist.ac.kr )

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