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Lee,  Ji-Hwan Associate Professor 사진
Lee, Ji-Hwan Associate Professor
Contact Information
  • Office.SUPEX 568
  • Tel.82-2-958-3616
  • E-mail.jihwanlee@kaist.ac.kr
Research Areas Strategic and International Management
▶ Director, Social Entrepreneurship MBA (SEMBA) Program
▶ Director, KAIST-SK Impact Business Center


    ▶ PhD, London Business School
    ▶ MBA, Seoul National University
    ▶ BBA, Seoul National University


    ▶ Vice President. Korean Society of Strategic Management
    ▶ Vice President, Korean Academy of International Business
    ▶ Formerly, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Strategic Management
    ▶ Formerly, Assistant Professor, Ewha Womans University

Industry Advisory Activities

    ▶ Member, ESG Committee, Korea Productivity Center
    ▶ Director, Center for Social Value Enhancement Studies
    ▶ Director, Dongwon Systems
    ▶ Formerly, Director, Meritz Fire & Marine Insurance
    ▶ Formerly, Member, National Economic Advisory Council

Publications & Research

Publications (patents, etc.)

    ▶ "Does Government Support Make Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Reluctant to Grow? Evidence from South Korea," Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 2022. (with Jin-Uk Choi and Chang-Yang Lee)
    ▶ "The Effects of CEO Narcissism on Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility," Managerial and Decision Economics, 2022. (with Jin-Ki Hong & Taewoo Roh)
    ▶ "How CEO Political Connections Induce Corporate Social Irresponsibility: An Empirical Study of Tax Avoidance in South Korea," Sustainability, 13(14): 7739-7751, 2021. (with Ji-Hee Kim)
    ▶ "Social Entrepreneurship Education as an Innovation Hub for Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: The Case of the KAIST Social Entrepreneurship MBA Program," Sustainability, 12(22): 9736-9758, 2020. (with Moon Gyu Kim, Taewoo Roh & Hosung Son)
    ▶ "The Effects of Female Board Members on M&A Completion" (in Korean), Journal of Strategic Management, 22(2): 21-41, 2019. (with Mi-Hee Lim)
    ▶ "How Much Does Design Internalization Matter in the Face of Technological Change?" IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 65(2): 264-275, 2018. (with Woo-Yong Park & Young K. Ro)
    ▶ "Influential Users in Social Network Services: The Contingent Value of Connecting User Status and Brokerage," Data Base for Advances in Information Systems, 49(1): 13-32, 2018. (with Young-Kyu Kim, Dongwon Lee, Janghyuk Lee & Detmar W. Straub)
    ▶ "Achieving Profitable Growth: Hanwha Corporation’s Acquisitions in Chemical and Defense Industries" (in Korean), Korea Business Review, 22(4): 27-48, 2018. (with Mi-Hee Lim) ? ‘2018 Best Paper Published in Korea Business Review’ Award from the Korean Academic Society of Business Administration
    ▶ "The Effects of Female Board Members on Corporate Social Responsibility: Institutional vs. Technical Strength" (in Korean), Korean Management Review, 46(3): 691-714, 2017. (with Mi-Hee Lim)
    ▶ "The Aesthetic of Convergence and Coordination: Corporate Value Maximization through Synergy Creation" (in Korean), Perfect Change, 117-144, Centerworld, 2017. (with Jaeyong Song et al.)
    ▶ "Are Business Groups Conducive to Industry Innovation? The Moderating Role of Technological Appropriability," Asia Pacific Journal of Management, forthcoming. (with Chang-Yang Lee & Ajai S. Gaur)
    ▶ "National Economic Disparity and Cross-border Acquisition Resolution," International Business Review, 26(2): 354-364, 2017. (with Mi-Hee Lim)
    ▶ "The Effects of Industry Relatedness and Takeover Motives on Cross-border Acquisition Completion," Journal of Business Research, 69(11): 4787-4792, 2016. (with Mi-Hee Lim)
    ▶ "Social Capital of Corporate Boards: Effects on Firm Growth," Social Behavior and Personality, 42(3): 453-462, 2016. (with Minhong Jang & Chul Choi)
    ▶ "International Returnees as Outside Directors: A Catalyst for Strategic Adaptation under Institutional Pressure," International Business Review, 24(4): 594-604, 2015. (with Michael J. D. Roberts)
    ▶ "Paris Baguette: The Expansion Question," University of Western Ontario Richard Ivey School of Business Case Series #W15066, 2015. (with Bryan Hong & Kevin Kim)
    ▶ "The Impact of Internal and External Sources of Knowledge on Innovation Performance in Independent Firms and Business Group Affiliates" (in Korean), Knowledge Management Research, 16(1): 171-191, 2015. (with Ji-Hee Kim) ? ‘2015 Best Paper Published in Knowledge Management Research’ Award from the Knowledge Management Society of Korea
    ▶ "Effects of Internationalization on Innovation in the Service Industry: Evidence from Korea," Journal of East Asian Economic Integration, 18(4): 339-366, 2014. (with Jaeho Lee & Baeho Choi)
    ▶ "Returnee Directors in Korean Firms: Drivers and Influence," Journal of Strategic Management, 17(1): 113-136, 2014. (with Yoon Seok Cho)
    ▶ "Managing Multi-business Firms: A Comparison between Korean Chaebols and Diversified US Firms," Journal of World Business, 48(4): 443-454, 2013. (with Ajai Gaur)
    ▶ "Effects of Trust and Perceived Risk on User Acceptance of a New Technology Service," Social Behavior and Personality, 41(4): 587-598, 2013. (with Chi-Hoon Song)
    ▶ "Methodological Issues in Business Group Research from a Korean Perspective," In Catherine L. Wang, David J. Ketchen & Donald D. Bergh (eds.), Research Methodology in Strategy and Management, Vol. 8, 357-378, Emerald Group Publishing, 2012. (with Seungjin Hong)
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    ▶ "Outside Directors’ Social Capital and Firm Performance: A Complex Network Approach," Social Behavior and Personality, 40(8): 1319-1332, 2012. (with Chul Choi & Jae Min Kim)
    ▶ "Colonial Influence on the e-Government Development and its Strategic Implications for Korean IT Service Providers" (in Korean), Journal of Strategic Management, 14(3): 89-117, 2011. (with Ji Hee Kim & Jae Suk Lee)
    ▶ "An Exploratory Study of the Dynamic Process and Characteristics of Core Business Changes" (in Korean), Journal of Business Research, 26(2): 193-224. 2011. (with Won Gyu Song & Youngjun Choi)
    ▶ "Negative Effects of Organizational Citizenship Behavior among Air Force Pilots" (in Korean), Korean Journal of Management, 18(1): 125-167, 2010. (with In Jae Lee & Min-Seok Cha)
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    ▶ "Toward a ‘Working BOD’: SK Corp.’s Corporate Governance Reform" (in Korean), Journal of Strategic Management, 9(1): 21-51, 2006.
    ▶ "Active Ownership and Long-run Enterprise: The Case of the Swedish Wallenberg Family" (in Korean), Management Education Review, 9(2): 87-106, 2006.
    ▶ "Power Conflict, CEO Succession, and Subsequent Diversification Strategies of Korean Chaebols," Journal of Business Administration, 5(1): 1-17, 2005.
    ▶ "Portfolio Restructuring Based on Strategic Relatedness between Businesses: A Suggestion for the Chaebol," In Sung-Hee Jwa & In Kwon Lee (eds.), Competition and Corporate Governance in Korea, Edward Elgar, 2004. (with Costas Markides)

Research Areas

    ▶ Corporate Strategy (Diversification, M&A)
    ▶ Corporate Governance (BOD, TMT)
    ▶ Global Business Strategy
    ▶ Social Entrepreneurship

Strategic Management(MGT511)

    Global Strategic Management(IMB511)

      International Business(MGT516)

        Strategic Management Theory(BA543)

          Contact : Joo, Sunhee ( shjoo2006@business.kaist.ac.kr )

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