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Hahn,  Minhi Emeritus Professor 사진
Hahn, Minhi Emeritus Professor
Contact Information
  • Office.SUPEX 2326
  • Tel.82-2-958-3635
  • E-mail.mhhahn@kaist.ac.kr
Research Areas Marketing
Professor Minhi Hahn received Ph.D. in Marketing from Northwestern University, M.S. in Industrial Engineering from KAIST, and B.B.A. from Seoul National University. He has published 23 research articles in international journals and 28 articles in domestic journals. He is the recipient of the first Maekyung Great Management Scholar Award and the fourth Hankyung Marketing Contribution Award. He served as the president of Korean Marketing Association and Korean Society of Consumer Studies. Twenty one students received Ph.D. from KAIST under his academic guidance. In 2012, he was invited to be a keynote speaker for the first World Marketing Summit held in Dhaka Bangladesh under the initiative of professor Philip Kotler. He was also a keynote speaker for Dong-A Business Forum 2012 held in Seoul Korea.


    ▶ Ph.D in Marketing, Northwestern University, 1985
    ▶ M.S. in Industrial engineering, KAIST, 1977
    ▶ Bachelor in Business Administration, Seoul National University, 1975


    ▶ Assistant professor, Associate professor, and Professor of Marketing at KAIST (1986-)
    ▶ Manager for Strategic Planning, Oriental Precision Company (1976-1980)
    ▶ ZS Assosiates Inc. (1984-1985)
    ▶ Visiting Professor (1984, 1997) at Northwestern University. Kellogg graduate school of management,
    ▶ Visiting Scholar, University of Southern California (2003)
    ▶ Visiting Scholar, University of California at Los Angeles (2010)
    ▶ President, Korean Marketing Association (2002)
    ▶ President, Korean Society for Consumer Studies (1996)
    ▶ Recipient of the 22nd Sang Nam Management Scholar Award (2016)
    ▶ Recipient of the 1st Maekyung Great Management Scholar Award (2000),
    ▶ Recipient of KAIST best lecturer award( 2000) and the 4th Hankyung Marketing Contriution Award (2002)
    ▶ Dean, Graduate School of Management and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Business at KAIST
    ▶ A Keynote speaker for World Marketing Summit 2012, Dhaka Bangladesh
    ▶ A Keynote speaker for Donga Business Forum, 2012

Industry Advisory Activities

    Served as an advisory professor for Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motors Company, LG Display, Korea Telecommunications, and POSRI.
Publications & Research

Publications (patents, etc.)

    ▶ Hahn, Minhi and Jin-Sok Hyun, "Advertising Cost Interactions and The Optimality of Pulsing," Management Science, 37, February 1991, pp.157-169.
    ▶ Park, Sehoon and Minhi Hahn, "Pulsing in a Discrete Model of Advertising Competition," Journal of Marketing Research. 28, November 1991, pp.397-405.
    ▶ Hahn, Minhi, R. Lawson and Y.G. Lee, "The effects of time pressure and information load on decision quality," Psychology and Marketing, 1992.
    ▶ Hahn, Minhi, Sehoon Park, Lakshman Krishnamurthi, and Andris A. Zoltners, "Analysis of New Product Diffusion Using a Four-Segment Trial-Repeat Model," Marketing Science. 13, Summer 1994, pp.224-247.
    ▶ Park, Sang-June and Minhi Hahn, "Direct Estimation of the Batsell and Polking's Model," Marketing Science. 17, No.2, 1998, pp.170-178.
    ▶ Hahn, Minhi and Insuk Hwang, "Effects of Tempo and Familiarity of Background Music on Message Processing in TV Advertising: A Resource Matching Perspective," Psychology and Marketing, 16, No. 8, 1999, pp.659-675.
    ▶ Hahn, Minhi, Eugene Won, Hyunmo Kang, and Yong J. Hyun, "Context Effects and Context Maps for Positioning," International Journal of Market Research, 48, No.2, 2006, 155-178.
    ▶ Chun, Song Yong and Minhi Hahn, "Network Externality and Future Usage of Internet Services," Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications and Policy, Vol. 17, No.2, May 2007, pp.156-168.
    ▶ Hahn, Minhi, Lakshman Krishnamurthi, Hyun Mo Kang, Jin-Sok Hyun, Sang June Park, and Yong J. Hyun, "A New Test of Attribute Significance for Nonparametric Conjoint Models," Korean Journal of Marketing, Vol.22, No.3, Aug. 2007, pp.23-47
    ▶ Lee, Hye Seung, Hyun Mo Kang and Minhi Hahn, "Effects of Design Typicality and Collaboration with Designer Brands on Design Preferences of New Products. Korean Journal of Advertising, Vol 20. No. 3, 2008, pp.97-121.
    ▶ Chun, Sung Yong and Minhi Hahn, "A diffusion model for products with indirect externalities," Journal of Forecasting, 2008, pp.357-370.
    ▶ Hahn, Minhi, Hyun Mo Kang and Dae Seung Kim "Three Stage Performances and Herding of Domestic and Foreign Films in the Korean Market." Korean Journal of Marketing, Vol.4, No.11, 2010, pp.21-48.
    ▶ Cho, Eunseong and Minhi Hahn, "Cognitive and Affective Conflicts between Marketing and R&D in Developing New Products," Korean Management Science, July 2011, Vol.28, No.2, 75-92.
    ▶ Kim, Jun San, Minhi Hahn and Yeosun Yoon, "A Moderating Role of Personal Need for Structure on the Effects of Process versus Outcome Simulations on the Evaluation of Really New Products," Asian Journal of Marketing, Vol.4, No.4, January 2013.
    ▶ Kim, Jun San, Minhi Hahn and Yeosun Yoon, "The Moderating Role of Personal Need for Structure on the Evaluation of Incrementally New Products versus Really New Products," Psychology & Marketing, Vol. 32, No.2, February 2015, pp. 144-161.
    ▶ Hahn, Minhi and Jooyoung Lim, "True Partnership Marketing between Consumers and Marketers in the Age of Marketing 3.0," Journal of World Marketing Summit, Vol.1, No.1, October 2015.

Research Areas

    ▶ Consumer Responses to Marketing Communications
    ▶ Marketing with Heart and Consumer Happiness
    ▶ Empirical studies in the Movie industry

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