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Kim,  Youngbae Professor 사진
Kim, Youngbae Professor
Contact Information
  • Office.SUPEX 2486
  • Tel.82-2-958-3608
  • E-mail.ybkim@kaist.ac.kr
Research Areas Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management


    ▶ Seoul National University, BA in Economics
    ▶ KAIST, MS and PhD in Organization Management


    ▶ KAIST, CSTP (Center for Science and Technology Policy), Post Doc 1986.3-1986.12
    ▶ MIT Center for Technology, Policy and Industrial Development Post Doc.,1986. 12 - 1987. 12
    ▶ AIT, SOM (School of Management), Seconded Professor, Aug 1994 - July 1995
    ▶ U of Washington, visiting professor, 2001-2002
    ▶ KAIST, College of Business, Professor, 1988 - present
Publications & Research

Publications (patents, etc.)

    ▶ Jongseok Cha, Youngbae Kim, Jeong-Yeon Lee and Daniel G. Bachrach, 2015, "Transformational Leadership and Inter-Team Collaboration: Exploring the Mediating Role of Teamwork Quality and Moderating Role of Team Size," Group and Organization Management, 2015, Vol. 40(6) 715-743
    ▶ Youngbae Kim, 2015, "Consumer user innovation in Korea: an international comparison and policy implications," Asian Journal of Technology Innovation, Vol. 23, No. 1, 69-86.
    ▶ Jongseok Cha, Youngbae Kim, Tae-yol Kim, 2009. "Person?Career Fit and Employee Outcomes among R&D Professionals," Human Relations, Vol. 20, No. 10, 1-30.
    ▶ Youngbae Kim and Byungheon Lee, 2002. "Patterns of Technological Learning among the Strategic Groups in the Korean Electronics Parts Industry," Vol.31, Research Policy, 543-567.
    ▶ Youngbae Kim and Byungheon Lee, 1998. "The Shake-out in Korea: How Small Firms Survive," Long Range Planning, 31(5), 762-774
    ▶ Linsu Kim and Youngbae Kim, 1985. "Innovation in a Newly Industrializing Country: A Multiple Discriminant Analysis," Management Science, 31(3), 312-322.

Research Areas

    ▶ Organization Design for Innovation
    ▶ Strategic Management of Technological Innovation
    ▶ Business Strategy for Technology-based Small & Medium Firms
    ▶ Technological Learning & Strategic Changes in LDC Context
    ▶ Management of R&D Organization and R&D Professionals
Contact : Joo, Sunhee ( shjoo2006@business.kaist.ac.kr )

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