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Study Plan

Digital Finance MBA offers a curriculum that has core basics in finance and IT in addition to data science knowledge. After cultivating insights and skills in digital and data analytics on a solid quantitative training, the students are to strengthen their expertise in following areas in the second year:

Industry-Specialized Training

  • AI & Data Science Concentration
  • FinTech Startup Concentration
  • Investment and Asset Management Concentration

Program Requirement

Graduation Requirements Graduation Requirements
General Path General Mandatory Major Mandatory Electives Research Total
Non-thesis 3 21 13.5 4.5 42

Course Offerings

1년차 Study Plan1년차 Study Plan을 봄 여름 가을 겨울로 나눠 안내한 표
Course Number Course Name Course Type Credits
BAF500 Ethics and Social Responsibility of Finance Mandatory 1.5
BAF501 Corporate Finance Mandatory 3.0
BAF502 Financial Accounting Mandatory 3.0
BAF504 Investment Analysis Mandatory 3.0
BAF507 Financial Databases Mandatory 1.5
BAF521 Digital Finance Programming Mandatory 3.0
BAF522 Financial Data Analytics Mandatory 3.0
BAF523 Financial Data Mining Mandatory 1.5
BAF524 Fintech Startup and New Business Development Mandatory 1.5
BAF525 Digital Finance Case Analysis and Business Model Development Mandatory 1.5
BAF670 Artificial Intelligence and Recommendation System Elective 3.0
BAF671 Startup and Law Elective 3.0
BAF672 Digital Business Strategy Elective 3.0
BAF673 Algorithmic Trading and High Frequency Finance Elective 3.0
BAF674 Cloud Computing and Unstructured Data Analysis Elective 3.0
BAF675 Financial Big Data Analysis Elective 3.0
BAF676 Blockchain Technology and Application Service Elective 3.0
BAF677 Fintech M&A Elective 3.0
BAF678 Management of Derivatives and Trading Strategy Elective 3.0
BAF679 Quant and Factor Investment Strategy Elective 3.0
BAF680 Pension Fund Management Strategy and Performance Evaluation Elective 3.0
BAF806 Special Topics in Digital Finance Elective 1.5
BAF807 Special Topics in Fintech Elective 1.5
BAF808 Advanced Topics in Digital Finance Elective 3.0
BAF961 Field Application Project Research Research 3.0
BAF968 Global Finance Field Research Research 1.5
Contact : Byun, HyeKyoung ( byonhk@kaist.ac.kr )