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A student giving up their studies due to unavoidable circumstances.

Application Period

None specified (except final exam period)

Repayment of Benefit Costs (Master and Ph.D.)

The student must repay all or a portion of the benefit costs endowed during the period of their attendance.

Application Procedure

Students must apply for withdrawal online at the Academic System(with approval of a guarantor) → Receive approval from advising professor(after interview) and department head → Checked by administrative department and department/major office → Students must submit it online(manual) before the deadline at the Academic System to KCB Academic and Student Affairs Team
(from D-2 of deadline, students cannot apply it online. Students must complete the withdrawal(Voluntary Permanent Academic Leave) request form themselves and obtain the signature and seal of both oneself and their guarantor (scholarship recipients must receive authorization from relevant organization) → receive approval from advising instructor or faculty master/head professor before submitting form to relevant faculty/major office → checked by administrative department of relevant faculty/major → submit to KCB Academic and Student Affairs Team)

Cautionary Measures

  • A student may not withdraw arbitrarily without reason, but if the student is withdrawing due to unavoidable circumstances, the student may apply/submit the withdrawal with the approval of the guarantor and then receive approval from the president.
  • The guarantor for general scholarship students must be a part of the affiliated organization, and those on government scholarships and KAIST (undergraduate/graduate/Ph.D.) students must obtain their parents approval.
  • Master's and Doctoral students should check repayment amounts of their subsidized education fees and pay it applying withdrawal.


Grounds for expulsion include the following: Unregistered grounds for expulsion (did not enroll for courses), did not return after leave of absence, elapse of maximum term of enrollment, academic warning, qualification test failure, disciplinary action, and etc.



Readmission is permitted to students who have withdrawn or been expelled, after consideration.

Application Period

Must be after 2 semesters since the withdrawal or expulsion (including the semester of the withdrawal or expulsion) and is only permitted once.

Application Procedure

Apply for readmission → Department/major evaluation → Academic/Research Deliberation Council Evaluation → Approval by the president

Document Submission

  • 1 Copy of the standard Readmission Application
  • 1 Copy of the standard Study Plan
  • 1 Copy of the standard Written Opinion Form from the advising professor or prearranged advising professor
  • 1 copy of the standard Readmission Review Recommendation Form
  • 1 copy of the transcript
  • Attach supporting documents proving military service or term of illness

Cautionary Measures

  • Students who have withdrawn or been expelled can apply for readmission. These students will have to receive the approval of the Deliberation Council and will enroll in the same or previous year of studies.
  • Students expelled due to the reasons described below are not eligible for readmission.
    Those who are expelled for exceeding enrollment duration limit (Up to students enrolled in 2008)
    Those who are expelled for exceeding enrollment duration limit or who are expelled or voluntarily withdraw after extending enrollment duration limit (Starting from student enrolled in 2009)
Contact : Yang, Haemi ( yhm@kaist.ac.kr )

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